If you plan on bringing people to your session, we ask that you limit your guests to maximum of 4 people.


All payments must be made in full before the start of the service.


If the full payment cannot be made by the beginning of the session, the service may be cut short based on the payment amount. If no payment is provided prior to the start of the session, no service will be provided. 


On occasion invoices for bigger projects can be written for future due dates, please contact us for details.


No returns on any services, all service sales are final.


If you wish to cancel your session please do so 12 hours beforehand. Late cancellations will be waved, however repeated late cancellations may result in limitations to access future appointments.


Clients who do not show up for an appointment without a cancellation notice will be subject to a $40 fee upon booking the next appointment. Repeated No Shows will result in limitations to access future appointments.


We offer 3 Free adjustments or tweaks to Mixing and Mastering productions after completion, if more adjustments are needed, the cost will be negotiated between the engineer and the client.